Assaying Services


The Assay Laboratory was the first public laboratory to receive accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 from MAURITAS on 02 April 2008. The Assay Laboratory offers a wide range of testing services for gold, silver and platinum jewellery and their alloys. The service is offered to Jewellers, Members of the Public, Government and Other Institutions.

Our customers also have the opportunity to witness their tests.


Fineness expresses the content of precious metal in a jewellery.


Test Methods

  • Cupellation

Cupellation, also known as fire assay, is a process where the pure gold portion of a gold alloy is separated from other metals and impurities and the overall gold content is calculated. It is the most accurate method for gold testing.

Cupellation results are issued within three working days.

  • Touchstone

Touchstone is an instant non-destructive testing used to assess the fineness of gold in jewellery. It is a comparative method whereby the fineness of the sample is determined based on its comparison with gold standards of different known fineness.

Touchstone results are issued within one working day.

  • X-Ray Spectrometry

X-Ray Spectrometry offers instant non-destructive testing using X-Ray Fluorescence. This test method is used for the testing of gold, silver and platinum alloys.

X-Ray Spectrometry results are issued within one working day.